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With the Right Creativity, Anything is Possible


It’s not the money that everyone is after, it’s the experience we imagine comes with the money. – Scott Dinsmore

In roughly one month, Nate and I will be headed on our way to the experience/adventure of a lifetime – Five months living in Thailand.

After a small taste of Chiang Mai last year, we fell in love with the area and decided this is where we want to spend a lot of our winters.  My dream of becoming a snowbird before 40 is finally coming true!  But today, I’m not writing to brag about my adventures or provide yet another reason to go on my freedom-lifestyle soapbox and extol the virtue, freedom and benefits of location independence.

I’m here because we could all use a little encouragement and a friendly reminder that – Anything is possible.

I came across this quote when I stumbled on an article on Scott Dinsmore’s Live Your Legend blog, ‘How You Can Get Paid $6100 to spend a month travelling Thailand (or anywhere). I’m guessing you know that the title captivated me to say the least LOL.

In it, Scott shared a story about how he and his wife:

  • Booked flights to Thailand using air miles from his credit cards

  • Got amazing deals on luxurious accommodations

  • Used Airbnb to find someone to take care of their apartment who paid him $2800 before they left.

Surprisingly, it was a story not too different from my own.  And his point?

With the Right Creativity, anything is possible.

Two years ago, I would’ve read his story from the sidelines marvelling, today…

I can add my two cents 🙂

He’s absolutely right!  How many times have we let ‘lack of money‘ be an excuse to hold us back from our dreams?  Sure, sometimes it can make things easier, but it definitely shouldn’t be considered the only means to an end.

Here’s some small highlights from my own story.

  • Used reward points from our travel Visa to pay for a flight (value $1350)

  • Used our guestroom for 21 days during the summer to contribute towards our vacation travel fund (value $700+)

  • While we’re away we’ve also found tenants that will be taking care of our house.  Their rent will not only cover our house expenses and a significant portion of our accommodations while we’re away.  It will also save us having to maintain our monthly utility bills (value $8000+)

  • Our food expenses will easily be less than 25% of what we spend here AND we’ll be eating out 3 times a day

  • And the already great deal we get on transportation will be even better ($150 for 12 rental car days traded for 30 days with a scooter)

All in all, overall we’ll probably even save money by going away.

What I’ve learned: Experiences don’t necessarily require lots of money, sometimes all it takes is a little of the right creativity.

If you dropped money out of your equation and replaced it with the right creativity today, what experiences could you be having tomorrow?



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