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Will you take a chance and roll the dice?


We would throw the dice because all that would matter in that moment was a chance to win. The outcome is finite, we either win the cash and life changes or we don’t win the cash and life stays the same – no change.

Now granted, this opportunity would probably rarely happen this way.  To make loads of money, you generally have to invest, whether it’s buying a chip or a lotto ticket. And if it’s Lotto, your chances of winning are generally slim because that same stack of cash is in front of thousands of other players so chances are you’ll have to be committed to playing and playing often so on some level you have to become an addict.  And the tax man will come and take part of that pile away and if they don’t rest assured some long lost relatives will.  Even in something as simple as this, there are strings attached, but it doesn’t deter many of us from taking the chance because all those strings could be attached to a pretty decent life if we win.

Now the funny thing about all this is I’m no gambler at least when it comes to casinos and lotto tickets.  There’s too many variables I can’t control, too many others competing for a piece of the same proverbial pie, besides, I don’t know the first thing about gambling.  What I do know about is myself.  I know the types of things I enjoy, I have an idea of the types of things I like to do and who I enjoy doing it with.  And I realized to feel fulfilled in the end, I don’t need a whole lot of money, I just need a life that gives me the ability to multiply that.

Isn’t that what retirement is supposed to end up like?  

So we work our butts off to try to make a ton of money in the hopes that later on we’ll get a chance to do that – enjoy life.  And often times we’re working our butts off doing things we don’t enjoy with people we hardly like left with little time to spend with those we love.  And while we’re working that hard, we could be risking our families, our health, our enjoyment and in the worse cases our lives?

And you think your desire to follow your dreams or start your own business sounds crazy?  

Isn’t it awfully risky to dedicate say 40-50 years of living life this way and not even be sure if in the end you’ll have enough money to live life your way or even worse, what if you don’t have much life left to live at all???  You’re too tired, too unhealthy or perish the thought, too…DEAD!

Yeah, I know.This probably sounds pretty harsh, but so is the reality  especially if you’re not pursuing your dreams now.  And that sounds even riskier if you ask me.  You might feel afraid because you think Plan A is too risky but have you ever stopped to think about the even riskier game you’re already playing right now?



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