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Why We Give Up


We give up because we feel afraid that we can’t do it

We give up because we’ve been told it’s impossible

We give up because we feel discouraged by the work

We give up because we’re afraid of uncertainty.

We give up because our peers have never done it before

We give up because we don’t feel strong enough for the fight

We give up because the voices tell us to

We give up because our parents never believed in us

We give up because we didn’t realize that our reasons to give up weren’t reasons to give up but voices to encourage us to make the choice to stop trying. Before they were our reasons they belonged to others and each listener had a choice to believe the voice or expose the lie.

Don’t give up, you can be what you will be

Don’t give up, impossible is really just a typo – it’s really i’m possible

Don’t give up, feelings only have power if you give it to them

Don’t give up, uncertainty is necessary to experience real faith and with it all things are possible

Don’t give up, find new friends or be the friend that did it!

Don’t give up, you can choose strength just as easily as you can choose weakness

Don’t give up, voices are rendered powerless when you refuse to listen (that means as soon as)

Don’t give up, their belief doesn’t define you, but yours does.




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