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I saw it coming at me like a speeding truck.

The moment I saw yesterday’s question: name your favourite online business, I knew today’s question was going to be something about our own (I’m sure you saw it coming too).  It would either address how we could adopt the things we love into our own offerings OR help us decide what to offer…ick!

I know, I know – this is supposed to be the exciting part.  The point where I jump up and down for joy because I’m on my way to building my freedom business – right?  Wrong!

Now sure – yes, I’ve done this before (for other entrepreneur’s businesses  and our own), so I could probably fairly easily discuss the process or at the very least recant what Natalie shared and picked one but I’m not going to do that.  

Other ‘how to’ sites can do that.  

They’ll tell you to think of something you’re good at, combine it with something people want and voila instant business!  Simple as 1-2-3!  

It can be, but sometimes…it’s not.

And I don’t want to act like it’s always easy, simply because I’ve done it before.  Like I said, other sites do that. Instead, I want to tell you a story – a story of when it’s not so easy.

For me, as far as this site is concerned  it hasn’t been (notice the missing Services page:)?)

It’s not that I don’t want to do something, it’s just that I don’t want to do just anything. 

Remember when I talked about ‘building a business that demands from you what you want to give‘? That’s what I want


I don’t want to continue building websites simply because I’ve done it OR design just because I’m good at it OR coach because people think, I’d be great at it.  (Besides, although I enjoy talking to people, I wouldn’t necessarily say I love it.)

And as far as products go, I never saw myself as a writer.  Even when we published our own magazine, I rarely wrote –  people would have to twist my arm. 


It wasn’t until I took the course that accidentally spawned my book, The Elephant’s Little Secret that I realized I actually liked writing.  The reality is, I  forgot that I loved it so much.  As a child, I loved to write but totally blocked it out of my mind due to fear. I thought it could never be an option.  

I actually had myself convinced that I didn’t want it to be an option too.  When I use to ponder Brian’s idea, Philosopher’s Notes, and the possibility of doing something similar, I would think, ‘Man!  That’s a whole lot of reading and a whole lot of writing – I could never do all that. Even if I could, it might be a year before I finish and monetize anything’  and ‘There’s no way I’d be able to narrow a book down to six ideas, I highlight everything.’  

If those reasons didn’t dissuade me enough, there was always the nagging thought that would say, ‘Hey, do you really want to be a copycat?’  Sure, I knew that there wasn’t really anything that could be considered original.  If ideas weren’t stolen, they were borrowed or influenced.  Heck even Brian admitted his idea was inspired by someone else!  But I thought I needed to do something different, even if I loved the concept – so there I stood blocked by all these reasons.

And I got used to being stuck. Over time, it became like second nature.  Occasionally, I’d get inspired to add an offering to the site and Resistance would automatically deploy like a software program.  In milliseconds it could quickly recount all the reasons and excuses I made in the past and then, I’d be blocked.

Day 10’s  challenge threatened to be no different.

It was coming…
I knew it was coming…
And I felt Resistance grab me by the hand, pull me towards it and whisper in my ears, ‘run‘.

And for a split second, I felt the urge, but this time, it was different. 


Maybe it’s the meditating I’ve been doing that’s been teaching me to be aware rather than react or the studying I’ve been doing on self-compassion that’s been helping me to own my voice.  Or possibly, it’s the Morning Pages that have been teaching me how to enjoy my expression or all this blogging I’ve been doing lately for this 30-day challenge, that’s shown me I can be consistent.  I think it’s probably a culmination of all these things.

So…back to today’s question:

What are the key ways in which you want to make money online in your chosen business OR Which are the key online revenue streams you want to focus on in your existing business?

OK, since I know I enjoy reading, love writing and constant traveling, I think I’ll stick with something product-oriented and digital (ebooks, virtual courses, online programs etc).  I’ve been working on a follow-up to The Elephant’s Little Secret called Taming Emo. It’s kind of like a guide to taming emotions with a creative twist.  (Fingers crossed it will be really helpful and intelligently designed so you’ll want to use all those nice adjectives I used to describe Brian’s work LOL.  A girl can dream right :)?)

I also really love the idea of giving other people a platform or an avenue to explore and share what they enjoy with others.  It was something that was important to me when we were doing the magazine.  Even though our writers were happy enough just having a writing outlet, when I could I wanted to give them unique opportunities to be able to learn from and connect with people in the areas of their passion. 


I always want my vision to be able to support the visions of those that are supporting me. I really love the way the Entheos Academy does this and the whole approach is pretty neat – it even employs a creative twist on affiliate marketing (did you notice it?)

Anyways, there’s some more I’d like to share on the process part, ‘building a business that demands from you what you want to give’ and how to approach crafting offers with that in mind, but you’ve been ever so patient with me today enduring this lengthy post and all :).  So, I’ll save it for another day (maybe not tomorrow but someday, I promise :)).

For now I’ll leave you with these 3 questions:  Is there something that you think you can’t do or told yourself you couldn’t do?  Could your resistance in this area be based on a habit?

Hi I’m Sherice, I wanted to be a snowbird before 40. I wondered, “What’s the point of waiting to travel the world and do work I love?” Today, with my husband, Nathan, we run thriving businesses from the comfort of our own laptops. We spend 6 months a year in Thailand, travel frequently — and spend the rest of our time at home in Canada — at least that’s the plan for now, who knows what the future will bring ;).