Day 24 – Travel Packing Tips


Today’s Challenge: What are your travel essentials for your chosen destination(s) ?

I don’t know, I could be wrong here, but I kind of got the feeling that reading my packing list probably wasn’t something you wanted to do for the next 10 mins of your life.

Besides it’s pretty much an exercise of futility for me having moved and taken trips so many times and I wouldn’t want my disinterest to end up putting you to sleep :).

So instead, I’m going to share a few tips (silly and not so silly) that have helped me over the years – not the common ones like ‘Don’t over pack(which you shouldn’t – you’re on vacation, no one really cares how many times you’ve worn your jeans, they’re too busy worrying about whether you’ll notice how many times they’ve worn theirs LOL) or ‘Roll not fold(incredibly useful by the way – one time I was able to successfully move everything from a standard rolling luggage bag to a carry-on).

Ok tip #1 Mindmaps

Although I’m sure by now there’s probably a bunch of different useful apps out there you can use.  I started using this method before the world of apps.

Mindmaps are a great brainstorming tool for anything really and when you’re location independent with a virtual business it adds a few extra variables to your travel planning especially if your trip is long term.  Mindmaps help me to compartmentalize my thinking when I’m planning so I can ensure an extra level of thoroughness and detail to the randomness of my usual thought pattern.

After all, you don’t want to get off a 13 hour flight and find out you don’t have your laptop charger… those aren’t cheap, or easy to find.

To make our maps, Nathan and I have use Mindmeister and then separate our map into different branches ie. Nathan, Sherice, Travel snacks, Jones, Before Leaving the house, Who to contact (business and personal), Business tools/equipment (see right).

Then we proceed to rack our brains listing all the things we need for each category.  They’ve been so handy; we even have different maps for different types of trips that we refer to regularly and the visual element makes planning a bit more fun (see right for a cool one we made for our cross the US train trip).

#2 Head to Toe

Ok here comes the silly!  When in a rush, sometimes I do this to help me remember all my personal packing essentials: I’ll tap various parts of my body from head to toe as a way as a memory trigger for various items.

For example:

Head: hair moisturizer, headwrap, shampoo, conditioner, blowdryer – check

Face: face cleanser + lotion, oil control gel, mud mask, makeup -check, eye mask

Ears: earrings and q-tips, ear buds

Mouth: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, vitamins and supplements etc etc

Anyways you get the drift.  I know this one probably sounds crazy silly but it works for me and has helped me to avoid forgetting some really important things.

#3 Snapshots

Working from home usually means I don’t ‘need’ to dress up all that often.  And since I tend to randomly piece outfits together, sometimes I forget some of the nicer ones I’ve stumbled on along the way.  So I’ve started taking pictures of my favs so when packing time comes, I’ll remember what to bring so I can recreate them while I’m away.

Ok that’s it for now – feel free to add your own packing tips below – yes that means you too, Karna! 🙂

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