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Things Aren’t Always What They Seem


I can be a pretty driven person sometimes. When I get my mind set on something I want, I want it now.

I think that’s generally why my fear bothers me. I just can’t stand the notion that the something stopping me from having what I want is…me.

But yet on a regular basis me likes to get in the way. Not the passionate visionary ME, but the me that was told in school that being good wasn’t good enough but you have to be 3x as good. Not the ME that loves writing and is exhilarated when I express my creativity with clarity and conviction, but the me that’s uncertain, that hears those doubting voices persuading me away from giving myself up to the passion. And definitely not the ME that is living a life that is more than I dreamed – an amazingly loving husband, a life that allows me to grow, a beautiful home, the freedom to choose when and where I work. More than not, it was the me that magnified tiny flaws fixated on getting rid of them.

Considering MY REALITY, this version of me shouldn’t have even existed.

Considering my reality, she has NO business showing up. She was made by someone else’s opinion, created through someone else’s fears and shaped by someone else’s expectation. Temporary circumstances do not define ME, my true meaning lies in an eternal constant truth. And when I stop for a moment and question her perception, instead of blindly accepting her as truth just because she has spoken – she starts to unravel a bit at the seams. Then I see that what’s underneath her. Her meaning, her reasoning, her understanding, had nothing to do with who is really ME at all.

Ending Option #1: Because you see, your fear is not a true reality. It’s a mirror with cracked glass. And though a mirror’s purpose is to show you your reflection, once it’s cracked all you can see is its distortion. So what you see isn’t really YOUR insufficiencies, the mirror has the defect – not YOU

Ending Option #3:Because you see, your fear doesn’t show your true image. It’s like a mirror in a circus funhouse – it shows you several distortions of yourself, none of which are true. And though you might assume that like a mirror, fear’s purpose is to show you your real reflection, it isn’t really YOUR reality, the mirror has the defect – not YOU



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