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The Creator vs. The Producer



I used to be subscribed to this daily blog, Income Diary from Michael Dunlop which has really good tips on ‘blogging effectively,’ ‘getting more recognition on Google,’ ‘monetizing your blog,’ ‘the benefits of SEO’ – and this was just the tip of the iceberg.

I used to enjoy it because it helped to reinforce the benefits and values that I often shared with others to help them build their own sites. I used to enjoy it – when I wasn’t blogging. Now, not even a week into launching my own blog – I had to unsubscribe. I realized that reading those daily tips were beginning to subconsciously affect me. I looked at my site and suddenly wondered if I was missing out on it’s “potential.” Potential???

I started to notice that the titles of my posts were ambiguous and that I probably hadn’t considered any keywords when I was writing. And the newsletter that I had tried to creatively name “The Rider’s Way” had meaning to me because it was an idea I came up with for a book concept, but would it really entice someone to subscribe? Subscribers?By now I could almost hear Dunlop’s voice. ‘You definitely want people to subscribe so that when you craft your offer, you’ll have a list of potential customers you can present it to. And where are the affiliate links?! You have four well known entrepreneurs and bloggers on your site that offer products and you even go so far as to mention the impact they’ve had on you. Why are there no affiliate links for these incredible products you mention? Where is the monetization?’

After two weeks of designing and building this blog, I started to see all these things that weren’t there…all these things I hadn’t thought about, explored or really considered. You see, the truth about my fear hit me and I got this idea to write a story and just started running and running. Now, I was free to dream-out of fears’ vice grip-freed to be me fully and express it on a page – the good, the bad, and all of the ugly. I was determined and resolved not to let it catch me again! And here it was again right in front of me trying to pressure me to produce when all I wanted to do was create.

All I wanted to do was create…

Oh wait…but I did think about those things. Though I wasn’t being specific at the time, I did think about them when I decided that I was doing this for me. Without me realizing it, I had already taken it all into consideration when I said, ‘I just want to write…I just want to be me…I don’t want to care what others think or expect or be tempted to focus on what I can get…I need to do this for me.’

And this isn’t some desperate cry from a tortured artist.

It’s a stand from the soul of a little girl who once let go of dream’s hand, who now years later – a woman, found her dream again and will not allow herself to get distracted. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like all those tips aren’t beneficial and valuable – it’s just that for me, for now, they can serve the dreams of others…

So today, I unsubscribed because I understand how my mind works and I know how easy it can be to lose focus and be tempted to trade good things for the best thing for me. Will I ever consider these things in the future? Who knows maybe. But I understand where I am now and I’m learning more everyday about who I am and this is what I need to do to preserve it.

My Lesson for today? Feed the creator, starve the producer.



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