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Struggle through Creativity

I’d be a fool to suggest that creativity never comes with a bit of struggle sometimes.  Ocassionally, I get these frantic bursts of inspiration where I start writing with chaotic frenzy, but a lot of times I look at my blog and my twitter feed and I’m like so what now?  I’m a writer…SO WHAT!
Where is this going?  What do I want to do next?  What can I do?  What should I do?  Why can’t I feel more inspired?!
I think it’s B.S. for people to think that as soon as you find your passion, immediately the world will open up for you.  But I think it’s even sillier to complain about any aspect of life if you’re not pursuing your passion at all.  Our passion is the foundation of living a life of meaning.  If you’re not doing what you love and you feel like life sucks…SURPRISE!  Shouldn’t that be enough to convince us that we should be doing what we love?
We’re plagued when we’re without it and we’re plagued again when we’re in it LOL.  But that’s another story :).
The funny thing is, while I was sitting there contemplating all these questions and considering my options, I was tempted to feel…well a bit lost.  But as soon as I opened up evernote and hit that “new note” button to start writing something, anything…it suddenly became clear!
I think sometimes those voices of uncertainty arise to stop you from starting. Don’t write because you’re not sure of the topic.  Don’t dream because you don’t know what direction you’re going in.  Don’t start a business because you don’t have a plan and don’t even think of travelling because you don’t have the money.  Come to think of it, don’t do anything because you don’t have a clue what you’re doing.
Well screw it!  You can do all these things and I’m going to show you how I did them all and am still doing them all, despite the doubts and regardless of feelings so YOU can do it too.
Haha, guess what?  I think I just found my topic!   There’s something to scratch off the list :).
Lesson one…
If you want to write and can’t think of a topic…start with what you feel, what you see or what you’re experiencing and write from that place.  Open a blank page, explore, let your expression flow…follow it and see where it goes.  Eventually you’ll find a common ground that will connect you with the needs of others. Then fill that space with your words and imagination.  Now GO!
P.S.  Don’t even think about putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.  Keep it simple , this is about you…just you.  Need some extra coaxing?  Send me an email 🙂


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