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Saying Goodbye to Debt…


For a long time, I’ve let the word debt hang around my head like a noose simply because I still had some financial debt to pay off not realizing that debt involves so much more than money.

The reality is I stopped being in debt a long time ago.

Sure, like everyone else, I have bills to pay, but I pay them on my own terms.

I haven’t brainwashed myself into thinking that I have to pursue making ends in a career I don’t love just to make ends meet.

I’m not in debt to societal norms that say, ‘keep a job til your 60 and enjoy life later’.

I  choose to enjoy every moment now!

I’m not in debt to the little girl I was years ago who had dreams of a life of writing, I’m working on her book right now!

And I’m certainly not in debt to the voices that try to encourage me to resist the urge to dare, take a chance, risk.

That’s what dreams are made of and I’m ready to double down.

When you have dreams, you hope that some day they come into fruition.

When you own them, you make choices daily to walk towards them, live by them and breathe through them.



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