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Resistance is Futile


My journey would not be possible without my supportive co-preneur, and husband, Nathan. Not only is he supporting me in my growth—but he’s growing too—both in his business and personally! Today, Nathan is sharing a guest post about his latest, Matrix-esque insights on fear.

Today has been one of those days…

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to be stacking up against you?  Like someone is intentionally trying to barricade the door to your happiness with anything they can get their hands on? Old baggage, new obstacles, emotional upheaval … maybe an elephant?

I feel discouraged. I’m thinking negative thoughts. I’m consumed by resistance – and it’s stopping me in my tracks. Part of me feels unable to get past the negative thoughts—but strangely—at the same, I feel aware of a light at the end of the tunnel in my mind.  Ironically, this is all happening during a time of a positive step forward, and a big financial win!

I feel a bit like Neo in the Matrix … before he learns to control it, but about the time he begins to realize there is actually a Matrix to be aware of.

I’m conflicted, yet hopeful. And thankfully,  I live with an Elephant Tamer (more on that later, if you haven’t yet you should read The Elephant’s Little Secret ) and she has opened my eyes to the circus of emotions I’m feeling right now… and after a quick talk, I’m crawling excitedly towards that light.

Now I’m beginning to feel like Neo, this time when he starts to realize that to beat the Matrix, he needs to let Agent Smith (let’s call him The Resistance) touch him… become one with him for a short while in order to destroy the control from the inside.

So I’m embracing this saying with a new meaning today: Resistance (capital R) is Futile … I am stopping, looking Resistance in the eye and realizing that IT… not my attempts to defeat it … is futile. Why? Because I realize there’s this emotional world on top of what’s real — and if you can see through to the code behind that, the Resistance is really just an elaborate array of emotional smoke and mirrors — hiding what really matters for your life and happiness.



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