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Rendered Speechless…


Not sure if you heard, but yesterday, March 13th was Elephant Day in Thailand.

This month my plan was to head to Chiang Mai for a month to frolic with the elephants, to celebrate the beginning of a new phase of my journey – change{fear} and to renew my vow to explore the world and of course ride an elephant! Due to a number of different things, I had to postpone those plans until later in the year.  It was a bit disappointing for a moment, but I knew the timing wasn’t quite right.  Lucky me, I have the most awesome husband in the world…even though he couldn’t take me to Thailand quite yet, he was still determined to get me that ride.
The sneaky little bugger asked me to take a bicycle ride with him along the waterfront.  He said it was too beautiful a day not to ride.  And I was like, “But I’m going to ride all over the city tomorrow.”  “Nope!” He simply wouldn’t take no for an answer, he was determined.  To tell you the truth, I should have suspected something because the last time he was this determined to take me by the water – he proposed:).  Anyways, I went with him and it was beautiful, we were headed towards the Ambassador Bridge, when I saw….AN ELEPHANT!

I burst out laughing.  I couldn’t believe it!  Nathan had brought me to a huge statue of an elephant along the riverside for my own personal “ride”.   There we were in the middle of Windsor, a bright sunny day, riding…on Elephant Day!

Thank you Nathan for giving me yet another reason to know without a doubt that marrying you was and still is the best decision I ever made.  I LOVE YOU!



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