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Life should be like cooking…season to taste

Isn’t it about time we change our perspective on failure?  I mean what’s the big deal anyways? When did it all become so black and white?
I think our approach to pursuing dreams in life should be like cooking.  We pick an entree, we put together some ingredients and start cooking.
Then we taste and get one of 3 options.
1. YES!  We hit it absolute perfection – plate and serve!  OR …
2. Hmmm, not too bad, maybe it could use a bit more salt.  So we add a little to enhance the flavor OR …
3. Ewww!  Maybe I used just a tad too much oregano, so we find something to counteract the taste.  We experiment a little, try things out and we don’t freak out if it doesn’t taste perfect the first time because we can always try it again.
As we practice, just like any other experiment with adjustments things can get better each try and if they don’t why not try another entree?  The great thing is next time and there’s always a next time, you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to the next meal – no biggie!
Now come on, doesn’t that make more sense? 🙂
Forget about highs and lows, ultimate success and the grand failure … life is all about experimenting, season to taste 😉


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