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Happy New Year! Or as they say here in Thailand, Sawadee Bi Mai! I hope wherever you are in the world you’ve been enjoying some form of fun… reflecting on the past year, looking forward to the new one and enjoying the present moment. For many of us, it’s back to work today – hopefully you enjoy what you do so that’s not a bad thing!

If things are tough right now, know that most often those things are temporary. And if they are good, enjoy it, but remember they can be temporary too… so don’t take anything for granted. Find something, no matter how small it might be and appreciate that… a.k.a. practice being grateful.

Remember, we decide how we will receive the day and how we will perceive it as it ends each night as well. That’s what I love about New Year’s Day and it applies to any average day too. It’s another chance to start again or continue what you started. Or head in a completely different direction. It’s. Up. To. You.

Starting the New Year Off with a Brief Look Back
To start this new year, we thought it might be nice to share some of the posts readers like the most on the blog this year — if you’ve been a subscriber, you may even see one you’ve never seen before as we didn’t have the blog setup to send out via email yet. Oops! (Side note: Signup here if you want some fear changing thoughts in your inbox)

The posts we picked were not just popular on the blog but were your most recommended on Medium and hey, it turns out they just happen to be great topics to start your new year too! Enjoy.

Stop Waiting to be Picked – Choose Yourself
by Nathan Sudds

“If you don’t live in the world of choosing, you live in the world of excusing. ” ― James Altucher

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Also available in the Better Humans collection @Medium


Enjoy Life Now
by Sherice Sudds

Enjoy life now, this is not a dress rehearsal. – Unknown

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Also available in the Better Humans collection @Medium


Happy 2015!

Nathan (& Sherice)
Change Fear

P.S. Don’t forget, because we’re all human, New Year’s Resolutions like habits are fickle things. IF things fall apart, that’s ok, keep trying!

** Photo is from a recent visit to one of Chiang Mai’s many Wats around New Year’s — beautiful lights and the reflection of the pond were a nice way to transition into the new year.



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