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It’s Bigger Than Just You, But It’s Not as Big Without You


*Photocredit:  “Domino Effect” by Pascal via Flickr

Life’s not a spectator sport. Or it shouldn’t be. Sometimes I catch myself looking in at aspects of life from the outside and daydreaming of what it would be like to be involved. I read, comment, share, like and mark ‘read later’ all with this autopilot-thinking that I’m a JUST a spectator.

Don’t drift off into your own daydream just yet, because I realized something important: That I am ALREADY part of that thing I’ve been dreaming about — without even recognizing it. Facebook wouldn’t be valuable if there weren’t faces in that book. Your favorite author would just be journaling if there was no one there to read it. And inviting someone to send you weekly newsletters, courses and blogs — that’s a privilege you are the gatekeeper of too.

Even if it’s an audience of one, you have an important role as curator for the content that enters your life. You decide what gets published, shared, and ultimately consumed by that very exclusive readership – YOU.

How seriously would you take that role if it was curator for your favorite blogger? Or the founder of your favorite app? Or the next President of the United States?

Start to embrace the idea that you are just as important — be selective on what you take in and be enthusiastic about recommending the things you see as valuable to others in your network.

If you think like this, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be looking out, and realize you are doing what you dreamed about and suddenly you’ll appreciate your fellow dreamers looking in.  Those reads, likes, comments and shares they are giving you won’t seem so spectator-like now, will they? They reach out into your world and embrace what you are doing. They are filled with action. With a comforting message that says, ‘we appreciate you’. Embrace it for yourself now. YOU matter — even if you never ship a thing. Maybe you see a theme here, what’s shipping if there is no receiving?

Keep dreaming and sharing, but while you do, don’t be afraid to start creating — we’re waiting for you. And if you see a fellow dreamer, I hope you’ll invite them in on this secret too. Life’s not just a spectator sport, but every life deserves a good ‘spectator’ or two.


October 31, 2014

November 28, 2014



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