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I’d rather be the dreamer

Acting on dreams is like riding a bike – you shouldn’t expect to be able to ride your first time out.
Of course who doesn’t want to be a prodigy or a natural born rider, but by the time you get to the point of riding comfortably – is it really going to matter how good you were when you began?
I’ve been riding my bike for years now and I don’t even really remember my very first experience. Sure, it might make a nice story if I did, but what if it made a bad memory?  The truth is, it really doesn’t matter now.
And that’s the reality – when you’re in the midst of experiencing your dream, enjoying the fruits of it – it’s not going to matter how good or bad your first experience was.  
You know what else isn’t going to matter? How crazy people thought you were for wanting it.
I remember the first time I went to Thailand, I was barraged with questions to no end. 

Dad: ‘Why would you want to go to Thailand?
Do you even know anyone in Thailand?
What’s in Thailand anyways?
et cetera et cetera.

The funny thing which I learned later was my dad knew absolutely nothing about Thailand until he saw a documentary on it about halfway through my trip. Then guess who started marveling at its beauty and the richness of its culture?  
Mmmm hmmm 😉
This is the same person that bothered me a couple years ago for going to Ireland alone to see my best friend for the first time. A friend who I met via the Internet.  (Ok maybe that did sound a tad bit crazy). 
But I had a blast – meandering down cobblestone streets, getting an eyeful of amazing architecture & landscapes, seeing strange red animals at the zoo, dining at local pubs and growling at strangers on a Viking Tour of the city!
Now what if I had decided not to go? 
Then my only experience would be like his – through books and tv shows (no offence dad –  I’ve been there too). But after watching episode after episode of Departures, I decided I wanted to be on the other side of the camera for a change.
Despite false starts, missteps, critics and life’s uncertainties…
I’d rather be the dreamer than the watcher, the doer than the viewer.  
Wouldn’t you?


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