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Enjoy life now


Enjoy life now, this is not a dress rehearsal. – Unknown

Enjoy life now…  seems like it should go without saying, but sometimes enjoyment is the very thing we forget to do while living.

We function, we act, we do, we perform, while enjoyment gets relegated to back burners and two week vacations amidst year long 40 hour work weeks. We daydream of better days and brighter tomorrows, but our decisions and plans revolve around procuring the same today.

I remember this story from The Alchemist of a shopkeeper that owned a crystal store. He promised himself that one day when he made enough money or had enough time that he’d take a trip to Mecca. Eventually after years of working, the time came that he could afford the investment, but he decided against it because dreaming about it seemed so much more alluring than actually going. What if it wasn’t the way he imagined? What if it didn’t prove to be as interesting as it was in his dreams? Somewhere along the way he convinced himself that yearning for dreams was better than realizing them. I found it so odd at the time, even silly. But how many times had I done the same?

But this quote is quite the wake up call, this really isn’t a dress rehearsal. As far as time is concerned, there are no do overs when you think about it. Once that year is gone, it’s over – there’s no way to reclaim the time or relive the past.

But there is a way to make amends. You can enjoy life now.

Maybe yesterday’s decisions didn’t pan out so well, but it doesn’t mean that all is lost. You can still take this moment – this very moment and do something. You can enjoy life now. If you make the best of your present and live for today – then tomorrow works itself out in the end.

All you ever really have is today.



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