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Storms can feel pretty crummy emotionally sometimes, especially when you’re not equipped for them.  The good thing is like everything else in life, they’re only temporary and I’ve found that even in the midst of them, you can learn some really valuable things through the process.

For me, the challenge mainly comes when I dishonour this process.  Whenever I’ve been tempted to focus more on the pain than its purpose or the opportunity found within it, my emotions can take me away like a landslide.  

In the end though, I always return to this simple truth: It’s really all just a matter of perspective –it’s possible to choose to let yourself be wiped out by a crisis, just as easily as it is to choose to be not.  

Even when I get bombarded and crisis seems to be stalking me like prey, these emo-friendly tips have helped me bear it and grin :).

When crisis hits, unbridled, our emotional elephants are likely to go stampeding through the forest, trunks trumpeting at full blast.  That being the case, my first recovery move is to quickly tame that savage beast to give my rider a better chance at regaining some mental control.

Digestable Tips

Tip #1.  Rescue Remedy – The natural tranquilizer
The name probably says it all.  This unique blend of flowers is a natural way to get some emotional relief…fast!  When I see my elephant heading sideways off my normally peaceful path, I head for the drip.  It’s quite an effective tincture, just a dosage of 4 small drops underneath my tongue or placed in water helps to relax me and calm that sucker down.  It’s funny someone originally recommended Rescue Remedy to help bring some calm to my rowdy little puppy – back in the day he was quite the handful.  I tried it a couple times on him and never saw much of a difference so it just stayed kicking around in the cupboard until one day, I decided to give it a try.

Other alternatives: St. John’s Wort

Tip #2.  Daily Nutrition
One of the best things I’ve learned about managing my own emotions is it’s better to make it a regular practice to give yourself stability support daily rather than wait until an emotional breakout hits.  These next two items I take everyday and when I don’t, I notice and embarrasingly so does my husband LOL.  

A daily multi-vitamin including the daily recommended dosage of complex B vitamins.  There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to vitamins and it took me a bit of time to find the best one for me but I love it.  Jordan Rubin’s Garden of Life is made from raw foods so it’s uncooked, untreated and unadulterated.   It’s also more bio-available. That’s just a cool way of saying that it’s much easier to absorb and this is important because those daily nutrients won’t help you if after taking them there’s less in your body than there is in the toilet…ewww did I just say that? LOL. Seriously it makes a huge difference! 

Now not sure if you noticed the special mention of complex vitamin Bs.  This is really important, B vitamins can help to improve your mood, memory and they provide better stress-coping ability among many other wonderful benefits.  It’s a good idea to choose a blend that’s right for you, so I would recommend contacting your doctor to ensure that you find a good fit for you.  

Omega complex fish oil…this is an ultimate in brain support.  I think it’s probably beneficial for most people in general but the right blend of EPA and DHA is especially good for those creative types with ADD.  My personal favourite is Omega First by a brand that’s only available in Canada called Health First, but I’ve had pretty good success with others like Platinum Naturals etc.  What I like about OF is that it’s one of the only fish oils I’ve taken that doesn’t taste fishy at all.  It has a really light lemon-flavour which was perfect for me because I used to have a really tough time swallowing large pills so I would always have to bite them.  It’s smooth going down and because it has no fishy after-taste, it’s good coming back up – no fishy burps!

Other Alternatives:  an extremely good well-balanced diet with all the recommended nutrients…if you can get it :).  In this fast pace world it’s a real challenge to do this consistently, so for a quick and easy fix, I’d recommend finding the above. It takes less work to maintain this kind of daily habit and much less effort on your elephant to keep up the routine.

Ok so these digestible tips round out my first set, I’ll be posting some more soon.  I really like these as a starting point for myself because it makes dealing with emotional ups and downs easier with virtually little to no effort. You see the problem with storms is they attack and effect your mind – the very thing you need to help you through the battle so it’s important to get yourself back to a neutral place so you can start doing the real work of changing your thinking.

Got some more edible tips?  Please share them below.