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Growing up, I thought everyone used margarine — my grandparents did, and we did — that was my world at the time. It was cheaper. We could have much more margarine than we could have butter, for the same price. How amazing! Quantity trumped Quality. At that age, I didn’t even know about quality, so I couldn’t even have that belief. I just loved margarine, I would spread it on thick and it went down smooth.

One day, I learned the unhealthy truth about margarine. Quantity no longer mattered. I had a similar epiphany about canola oil, cheaper was no longer always better. Quality matters, not only for potentially superficial things like taste, but for health.

Unsettling Discoveries

The most unsettling of discoveries, are these kinds — where the settling was passed down by those who came before you. And you embraced their thinking as your own, unknowingly locking in answers when you had no idea there was a question.

Why settle on margarine? Easy– butter was rationedWhat? Wait! When was this? During the war. Oh maybe, Grandma made this decision out of necessity. Now, we were making it every day automatically because that’s what we knew and let’s face it — it was cheap. I grew up on those little tubs. Once you’ve been settling, it can feel pretty expensive to make the transition especially when you consider the cost of change — like when I started eating more organic food…What? Organic eggs are $6+?

Maybe, I’ve milked this margarine conversation a little too much. But what about the place you’re living in, could you be settling? I’m not just talking about “more” sometimes you’re settling with too much. Could you live with a little less, and be happier? Less house to clean that you don’t need. LESS mortgage. Or just less WORRY

Being Unsatisfied on Purpose

Getting unsatisfied means something a little different to everyone. Sometimes you might even feel guilty for being unsatisfied, maybe you have it so ‘good’ already. Or you say,‘others are settling for x, I don’t really need y.’ And that’s great. To know you can be ok without every single thing you want, that’s a good awareness to have. But, remember it’s not about external measurements, what someone else has or doesn’t have is only one metric. Have you ever been inspired by someone who did something differently? Or you tried something new because you saw someone else do it? Then, you also know that your choice not to settle may just inspire someone else to quit being satisfied with less (or more).

And like that margarine, what we may not know now and may come to know 10 years from now is that initial decision to settle will affect our life expectancy — being unsatisfied may just save your life.

Don’t just want more, expect more. Remember, it’s about quality not just quantity — your quality of life.



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