Day 14 – The Dirty Little M Word


Today’s challenge:  What are the two key ways you could use the habits of a millionaire to monetize your blog in the next month.

Ick!  It’s that dirty little ‘M’ word – monetize.  The word that every starving artist loves to hate. The one that threatens to rob us of our passion and precious creativity, cause ‘We don’t want to do it for the man, we want to do it for the love.’ Let’s not be silly though, who doesn’t want money? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.  After all, how else am I going to pay for all these trips around the world :).

To be honest with you, I’m not sure how ready I’ve been to make this a reality.  I’m just barely getting used to blogging everyday.

Ok…Excuse # 1

Yep, I’m going to call myself out on my own crap.  As far as this site, I’ve really struggled with this money issue.  I don’t mind helping other people trade their value for money, but I have reservations when it comes to mine.

So what is it Sherice?

Hmm, I don’t know, maybe I question my own value.  Though it seems kind of silly to question something everyone else sees in you.  Doesn’t it?  I mean it’s not like I’ll be taking my own money for services rendered – so what the heck does what I think have to do with it?

Ouch! Yeah I guess that’s true.

Shut up Inner Critic, you just got served!

Sherice, do you think maybe it’s the Imposter Syndrome?

Valid point.  I used to wonder that too, but if I’m honest with myself, even if I still see a ton of opportunities for growth in myself – there’s a lot of people I’ve met that would love to have my life.

They’d love to work from home, love to have their own hours and have time to do all the things they love. They’d love to be able to spend a ton of time with their family, love to travel the world, love to never see snow again, love to pay off debt.

I’ve even been featured in a magazine for all these things.  So I think the reality is (although my ‘not good enough‘  conditioning would have trouble admitting it) that syndrome has no right imposing itself on me.

So let’s just say Resistance wasn’t an issue excuse.  How would I answer the question?

Well I guess firstly, I should tell you what the key habits are.  Natalie talked to Jaime Tardy from Eventual Millionaire and she shared these two habits that 100+ millionaires she interviewed had in common.

1. Continuous forward motion (success is a process not an event)
2. No excuses approach (even when the going gets tough)

Ok taking these into consideration, I’d say for #1.  I’m going to continue to show up everyday (whether it’s for this blog, my own personal projects, whatever – I will create everyday).  There’s this quote from Marie Forleo that I love:  Clarity comes through engagement not thought.

I’ll stop thinking and over thinking and just do.  Nathan is really good at this, he’ll just throw his backpack over the wall and dive in.  But me?  I like risks but I’m more of a planner than he is and extremely analytical.  I not only think, I think about why I’m thinking while I’m thinking LOL.

For #2 No excuses approach:

Instead of ‘monetizing’, for the sake of my EMO, I’m going to think of it as opportunities to provide value and not only that I’m going to throw my backpack over the wall.

I’ve always thought Andrew Warner from Mixergy had a great concept – interviewing entrepreneurs.  And it just so happens that I have a wee bit of interviewing experience.  I can’t believe I’m telling you this, ‘ cause it’s kind of embarrassing, but I used to host a segment on a TV show interviewing Christian rappers.  We even had an online video show before all this podcasting and vlogging became so popular (yes I am that ancient LOL)
The Fantastic Four
Ok anyways, I’m bringing all this up because I’ve had this little idea percolating in the back of my mind:  To interview a few people I admire about fear and it just so happens that, I’ve had the chance to connect with 3 out of the 4 people featured on my homepage in the past.  Not anything major mind you, but maybe, just maybe, it could be enough.

Chris G of The Art of Non- Conformity

I met Chris G twice during his book tour, once in Ann Arbor and once in Toronto. Then we went to WDS the first year and I have to say, he truly is a really incredible guy. He remembered us every single time and even pulled us aside to buy us a drink when we saw him at his event.  Who does that?!  We’ve emailed him a few times and over the years he’s never forgotten us; he even gave me really nice feedback on my bookgotta love him!

Adam Baker of Man vs Debt

I took his You vs Debt course which was great!  We managed to pay off over $10,000 of debt during the few months I took the course.

Anyways, let’s just say through an unusual turn of events, he kindly offered me a favour.  Maybe I should take him up on that :).

Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Funny story – I was on my way to Thailand when he was doing a Webinar.  And if you follow his blog, you know he refuses to release replays.  He does it live and if it matters enough to you – you show up.

Well, I couldn’t and I had a good excuse too (my flight to Thailand) that I blamed him for and asked him to oblige.  I told him because his resources helped us achieve our dreams, we would be flying to Thailand during the Webinar so would he please, please, please let me have a replay.

I honestly didn’t expect him to reply, but he did! And he asked if I would mind sending him a testimonial.  Do something for Ramit?!  I think I almost literally wet my pants.  Anyways, I told him I would do something better – I’d send him a video testimonial while I was in Thailand (What was I thinking?  As if a simple write up wouldn’t have been pressure enough)Anyways he loved it! And it just took 2 takes and 7 mosquito bites. LOL


I’m going to reach out to all 3 of them and see if they’ll do an interview.  Holy Crap!  I can’t believe I just said that.  I’m not only putting myself on the line, I’m going to paint it on myself.  Who knows – maybe it could be the start of something.  And if it is, you’ll be here with me to witness the beginnings.

Haha, I can hear Resistance whispering, ‘Delete, delete, delete!’

Nope!  Life is an experiment :).

So my friends, what do you want to know from these 3 amazing blogpreneursContact me and let me know.

Signing off with fingers crossed, whispered prayers and heart pounding in chest ;).

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