in 30 Day Blog Challenge

So, my peoples – it’s Day 9 and we’re now on Act 2 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge. In this next section you’ll be riding along with me as I explore ‘How to Build an Online Business You Can Run from Anywhere.’ Sound juicy?

Today’s CHALLENGE: Whose online business do you admire most and why?

Hmmm good question…I think I’d have to say hands down… Brian freakin’ Johnson.

I have loved this guy for years and I sleep with him almost every night (shhh…don’t tell my husband!). Kidding kidding…I actually sleep while listening to Brian’s Philosopher’s Notes – it’s like food for the soul.

Never heard of them?

They’re transformational Big Ideas from great books distilled into simple, inspiring and super-practical 6 page PDFs (+ 20 minute MP3s).

Think: personal growth books meet Cliff notes.

He takes literary classics, old school philosophy, spiritual books, conscious business books, etc and creatively condenses them.

Not only does he optimize your learning experience by crafting these cool, intelligently-designed mini notes – he makes learning fun and sexy (and no this has nothing to do with his good looks :))

More wisdom, less time‘ is not just a fancy little tagline, it truly represents the core benefit of his product line (actually all his endeavours for that matter).

One of the reasons why I love his online business so much is because he’s found a way to get paid for two things I love: reading and writing!

The concept is pretty darn genius if you ask me:

  • Read books to optimize your own life

  • Write about what impacts you
  • Share the knowledge
  • + Make a profitable business

Heeeey – wait a minute! Less the business, isn’t that what I used to do throughout 4 years of high school aaaand he gets paid for it???

(Dang Brian! You really are the man!)

I really admire that he truly demonstrates that you can get paid to do what you love in service to the world.


P.S. Beyond this, he and his beautiful wife Alexandra have also expanded to create the Entheos Academy, another great concept where they gather world-class teachers to share their wisdom on optimal living – virtually!

Their courses cover everything from: general self-development, to nutrition, positive psychology, creativity, relationships, conscious business and more. I swear, if this was available when I was considering university options, I probably would’ve grown up to be a less dysfunctional adult LOL

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