Day 27 – My Best Travel Hacking Experience


Today’s Challenge: What’s your best travel hacking story to date (where you scored a free upgrade, used miles or just got a bonus perk)?

Mmm!  Travel hacking – my favourite!

My best travel hacking experience to date has come by way of the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite which comes in personal and my favourite: The business edition.

If you’re self-employed or own a business with a passion to travel this is a Canadian travel hackers’ dream. We’ve only had these cards for just over a year and have paid for 2 flights to Thailand and a portion of my trip to Ireland!

Now compared to some people, we probably have a bit of an advantage being self-employed (because we run all of our business expenses through the business version of the card and have automated most of our personal expenses on the other) and at 3 points to a dollar the points tend to accumulate pretty quick. I love this card because unlike most cards where you’re limited to certain airlines or hotels, this one gives you the  freedom to redeem points towards any travel expense that you charge to the card (this means any airline, any hotel, even meals – we could even use it towards the kennel!). The valuable part of this is, we can get a great price with a site like Priceline, charge our card and redeem the points, making it an even better deal!

And the redemption is quick and easy.  You can simply log in to your travel rewards account and enter in the details of your transaction and the credit comes up on your next statement.  They’ve definitely made my dreams of being a snowbird before 40 a lot more attainable.

Aside from this, one of my favourite travel hacking experiences was when we went to Cambodia. During our trip to Thailand, a friend of ours mentioned to us that we couldn’t possibly be so close to Cambodia and not see Angkor Wat – so we did!

We were able to find a really inexpensive flight to Bangkok ($25 – thanks to Air Asia) and then took a $6 train to the Cambodian border (thanks to a tip on Trip Advisor) and split a taxi to Siem Reap.  Since the whole trip was a bit spontaneous, Nathan checked out Agoda to see if he could find a good deal for our accommodations and WOW, did he ever!

We stayed in an exclusive beautiful exotic resort just outside the city and were treated to a relaxing couples massage and foot bath, an amazing breakfast and our own personal Tuk Tuk driver for the length of our stay.  The place was absolutely gorgeous with both fresh water and salt water pools and the suite was immaculate – all this for just $70.

We’ve had a lot of great experiences in different places but this one definitely stands out.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when we go back later this year!

How about you?  Any interesting travel hacking stories?  Would love to hear them!

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