Day 25 – Happy suitcase entrepreneur skills


Today’s Challenge: What skills do I need to build or refine to be a happy suitcase entrepreneur?
Today Natalie shares some really awesome tips on the four key areas she feels you should master to truly enjoy being location independent:
Productivity, Staying Healthy, Keeping up with Clients, Keeping in touch with your Network
Below, I’ll include a couple key spots that have worked well for me and some that have room for improvement.
What’s worked well:

Delegate:  Having a VA has been paramount to my productivity (and keeping up with clients too).  But you already know this because you’ve heard me talk about it here  🙂
Using the Offline Mail Feature:
Flights and Train trips have always been an excellent productivity space for me (Hmm, maybe I should consider having an office there :)).  Before my trips, I would generally download all my email so I could access it while offline.  Then while in transit I’d respond to everyone and rapidly clear my inbox.  But the neat thing is, I can actually recreate the same type of scenario getting the same benefits.  So occasionally, I’ll disable the Internet on my iPad so I’m not distracted by notifications and random surfing (but shhh don’t tell Nathan, I still need to convince him to buy me a plane :))

Learn to let go…earlier
This is one key area I’ve been diligently working on improving.  Whether it’s letting go of tasks earlier and releasing them to the rest of our team, or saying no to long-standing clients (that require me to expend more energy than necessary) because my heart wants to help – it’s important to let go of anything that slows down or impedes progress (sadly, sometimes even people).
Staying Healthy

What’s worked well

Keep it simple and fun!  
For years I had a gym membership that is volley between using aggressively and sporadically.  I’d either be pushing myself and lifting weights 3 times a week or slogging off entirely. But I’ve learned it’s much better to be consistent with a shorter amount of time than trying to force an exercise regimen.
Enter in YogaGlo.  I used to think yoga was for girls (yes I know I am one :)), but the benefits are really amazing!  Not only is it really good for your mind, it’s been great for my body.  I’m actually more toned now with my 15-20min daily routine than I was after doing hour long workouts at the gym – go figure!
Not only that, it’s fun and convenient which means  consistent.  I think those are important aspects to add to any challenging new habits you want to begin.  I used to think I was a stronger person for being able to buckle down and push myself – now I think it’s weak not to be open to employing any helpful strategy that will make tough stuff easy and sustainable.
With YogaGlo, all I have to do is walk up a few stairs to the loft, flip the monitor around and for $18/mo Darren or several other yoga trainers takes me through my daily routine.  Not only am I saving money on my membership, I’m actually using it! And by simply using my iPad, I can take my trainers with me to Thailand – bet you can’t do that with your local gym!
While I do eat healthy (while still loving my cupcakes :)), meditate daily, exercise regularly, use vitamins and supplements and take mid-day naps to ensure adequate rest, I could definitely afford to get outside a bit more often.
I love cycling but I don’t do it enough, at least when I’m in Windsor.  In Thailand, I easily cycle 3-4 times a day (my secret formula: Street Food – it helps to have all my meals be on the other end of those trips haha + there’s so many cool new things to explore!  Still I know I haven’t seen all of Windsor as small as it is – so I’ll push encourage myself to get out more, especially since, I always think, ‘why don’t I do this more often,‘ when I do.

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