Day 23 – What’s Your Nomadic Quotient?


Today’s Challenge: What’s your level of location independence and your nomadic quotient?

I think my level of location independence and nomadic quotient (propensity for a location independent lifestyle) are  relatively high.  It’s probably because movement started at an early age for me.  My parents were constantly relocating from one house to another so I generally changed schools once every two years.  I never really had much of a chance to settle anywhere and I always felt like I had to make new friends.  I never enjoyed that part of it so much but I grew to appreciate change because of it.
On the flip side, it’s probably what has made me more independent and self-sufficient.  I can count my really close friends on one hand and sometimes one finger and they’ve been mostly virtual too.  I never really intended for things to be that way but it does make leaving easier.
I’ve always loved the idea of traveling; picking up suddenly and leaving everything behind has always been kind of attractive to me.  You can imagine my horror when I found out Nathan’s travel adventures were limited to one trip outside the province as a baby and another outside the country in his twenties.  He even gave up family vacations in exotic locations to stay home alone!
Thankfully though his quotient has risen greatly since then.  I guess he didn’t really have a choice though we’ve moved just as many times as years we’ve been married.
Having a location independent business makes it easy to move – having family – doesn’t. Even though, technically, having Internet means we can set up anywhere, it’s still important for us to be mindful about it. You don’t want to have so much change that it becomes a distraction to your work.  Sometimes routines are good and I think this factor and the family factor make me a bit more cautious about my decisions in this area.
But having said all that we’re headed to Thailand for 5 months come November so it hasn’t stopped me.  So I really can’t complain now, can I ;)?

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