Day 12 -You down with USP? Ya you know me


Today’s challenge: Da Da Da Daaaa!!’
What is your Unique Selling Proposition that sets you out from the crowd?

‘Oh yay,’ said Sherice, her tone dripping with sarcasm. ‘I just looooove this exercise.’

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but overachieving, perfectionists, regularly tortured with self-limiting thoughts are probably not the best people to ask to attempt this exercise.

But since I’m in my recovery phase, I will attempt said task (not happily mind you :)) and I’m determined to do this, this time around. At the same time, I’m no dummy, I recognize an opportunity for Resistance to rear it’s ugly head when I see it.

That being said, I decided I’d call on my trusty guide for some extra assistance  –  Google.  So, I started googling USP and came across all these articles telling me how important it was (geesh as if I needed more pressure)

Yes, I already understand this and I know what a USP is (I’ve even put them together for others), BUT can someone please show me an article on ‘how a recovering, overachieving perfectionist who has been conditioned by her Inner Critic to not see herself quite clearly‘ can get some clarity on how unique she really is?

Then I heard this deep booming voice say, ‘You already know the answer.’

And suddenly, I heard the sound of angels singing and a glorious light filled the room.  Ok, none of that happened, it was really just my husband’s voice speaking, but he did say something I thought was rather glorious.  He said, ‘You’re the Executioner.’

Ah yes!  The name that’s been in my signature for years (The Executioner), the quote that’s pretty much been my personal motto (Ideas are cheap, it’s the execution that counts) and the blogpost Nathan stumbled on that started it all (thanks Emily).  See, it really does find you!

I still remember the day he showed me the post, we both got a good chuckle from it. And you know what?  Back then, even with my self-limiting thoughts, I could still see elements of myself.

I am The Executioner…

I’m  the one that’s called to flesh out the plan, organize the details, make crucial decisions and push things forward when they get stuck.

I can put legs on visions and wings on dreams if you let me. I can even leap tall buildings in a single bound!  Haha, ok maybe not – but I have to admit for a second, saying all that felt almost as ridiculous ’cause I’ve never been one to feel entirely comfortable tooting my own horn.  ‘Shut-up Inner Critic  – I’m tootin’ anyways!

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