Day 11 – The UNbusiness Model


Phew! Sorry guys I’m a day late posting this one! We had a guest coming in from Iceland yesterday and there was a ton of stuff to do and I was already exhausted from this week’s earlier trip.  Forgive me :)?


Ok so now it’s game time in the 30-day blogging challenge.  We’ve gone from feel good questions like, ‘Define your freedom business‘ and ‘Describe your perfect day’ to meatier topics like ‘The key ways to making money online‘ and ‘How to choose a business model and why‘.

Meaty is good right?  Absolutely – except when it feels like gristle.  And this challenge brought up some of those tough feelings that I’ve chewed on way too much.

For a long time, I’ve loved Brian Johnson’s concept, Philospher’s Notes.  I also know all the models fairly well (you can learn more about them here), but when I’d try to put all the elements together for my site, I’d draw a blank.  I just couldn’t get excited enough about any of the ideas.  It used to drive me crazy, I’d feel like, ‘Hey, I should know this‘, ‘Why don’t I know this? I help people with this all the time‘, and I’d walk away frustrated over and over again.

Since then, I’ve learned, sometimes it’s a waste of time to try to force it. And to beat your feelings into submission or guilt yourself into doing what you think you should be doing is a senseless task.

In the past I’ve done that.  I tried to ignore them, stuff them, push them aside, barrel through, whatever it takes.  And in the end, even if I got something done, the results felt lackluster and the experience definitely was.  So even if I did accomplish something, I still felt bad, which would just help to further reinforce those ‘not good enough‘ feelings.  And my inner critic loooooves that type of ammunition!

Anyways, I know that what I’m about to say may be hard for the overachieving, perfectionist in us, but sometimes…it’s just best to let things be.

I know it probably sounds crazy.  Even I can hear my inner critic saying, ‘Don’t listen!  She’s out of her mind!  She’s just advocating being lazy!’ But, hear me out.

For over a year since I’ve started the site, I’ve been pushing myself to work on ideas.  And I felt bad, real bad because I thought it should be easier – but it wasn’t.  Sure, I was making some progress on my follow-up book.  But after taking this site from idea to launch in less than 2 weeks, I figured by now I should be a heck of a lot further.

It wasn’t until I let go of the desire to create things for others and just started writing for me that things started to come together.

At first the whole thing felt a little counterintuitive and a tad bit selfish.  Isn’t the whole point to meet the needs of others?  How could I not be thinking of others?  But there was no use beating a dead horse – nothing was happening.

So one day, I decided, ‘You know what? I’m just going to continue to learn and optimize areas of my own life, then jot down my thoughts.’  I started this little  journey, I called ‘writing my fears away‘.  Originally my goal was to read all the interesting books on fear I could find and hopefully rid myself of some of my own useless feelings.

But after reading the first book, it led to me studying a totally different topic and that lead to another.  Suddenly limiting thoughts and preconceptions I previously held started to unravel. Fears started to unravel and tear apart at the seams.  And I felt great!

Soon it started to become a pattern – try to focus on business strategies and tactics – NOTHING!  Let go and just live with my passions and suddenly tiny little sparks would start to ignite.

And as I sat back and reflected on all this, I realized that there are a number of other people whose online businesses I admired that started out in similar ways:

Mark Weins whose passion for travel and eating around the world lead to Migrationology.

This guy is a genius!  He goes around the world eating and taking these videos of his reaction to trying different foods and has made a business out of it.

Chris G whose love for travel and finding deals led to all sorts of different things.  In his book, 279 days to overnight success, he shared this:

A funny thing happened the other day. I woke up and discovered that I am now a full-time writer. Wow — I’ve  become a Problogger, without putting ads on my site, praying that an article will get ranked highly on Digg, posting five times a day, or many other conventional blogging strategies.

Please don’t get me wrong here, I’m sure Chris probably had some sort of strategy in mind, it just wasn’t typical (which makes sense, I mean after all his blog is called The Art of Non-Conformity :))

Now I’m not trying to suggest that you shouldn’t explore different business models and tactics because its good to know your options and if it helps go for it!

I’m simply saying, that if you’re like I was and you’ve tried and thinking about all this adds more confusion than clarity, more pressure than passion – leading you to an ugly little dirty word everyone hates –  inaction.

May I suggest a different approach?

The Unbusiness ModelRelax.  Do what you love.  Try your best to show up everyday and sooner or later, it will find you.

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