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Having Dreams vs Owning Dreams | Take 2

I’m back home now from Arizona and ready to get at ’em!  So this morning, I decided to enlist the help of my husband and I tell him, ‘Nate, I want to do more with my blog.’  He says, ‘What do you mean?’  So I proceed to read him my last post about having dreams and owning dreams, thinking he’ll immediately understand, and he says, ‘Sherice, it’s interesting, but you’re coo coo for cocoa puffs!’

Ok…that wasn’t quite the reaction I was hoping for.  I was thinking that he was going to back me up with a resounding YES and suggest some ideas, not think there was something wrong.  He even thought that I might want to take the post down because it was more emotional than accurate.

Really, take it down?  I couldn’t possibly do that.  After all, I don’t really believe the thought I had about owning my blog was wrong, it made sense to me.  I know there’s more I could be doing, but yet he wasn’t seeing it the same way, so I asked him to explain.  He tells me that suggesting I haven’t been ‘owning’ my blog is ridiculous after the hard work I’ve put into it.  ‘Sherice,’ he says, ‘You are way too hard on yourself!  You’ve accomplished more in one month than some people do in a year.  You wrote a story, designed it, made a website for it, made another website, you’re tweeting quotes nearly everyday. You made another website and you’ve been regularly blogging and you reached out to two of your mentors.  You’ve done nearly everything there is to do in that book you’re reading by Dave Navarro (How to Launch the **** out of your e-book). How could you say you’re not owning it?!’

Eeek!!  I couldn’t help it, I almost wanted to cry. I couldn’t believe it was that easy for him to see that, and I didn’t see it at all. I was too busy being hard on myself. Because of how I was perceiving what I heard, instead of appreciating what I’d accomplished, I was busy focusing on what I didn’t do yet. The Producer strikes again!

Owning it was really about a turning point.

When you’re on a journey and the GPS says go right, you don’t beat yourself up about the turns you’ve made me before or blame yourself for not getting to that road faster.  You simply turn.  And unfortunately I sometimes get into the bad habit of being extremely hard on myself and thinking it’s warranted.  For heaven’s sake, it’s life not the army!  I just need to turn right and continue coasting and trust like everything else in my life, the path has already been laid out before me.

It’s funny, at the time I saw the image at the top of the ‘Having Dreams vs Owning Dreams’ post, I instantly connected with it without really appreciating why until now. The chasing is over.  I don’t need to follow my dreams, I’m already in them!



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