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What if I told you 10 years from now your life would be exactly the same?  Doubt you’d be happy – why are you afraid of change?

Karen Salmansohn

I live a relatively stress-free life.  Most days, I wake up at the hour of my choosing and then I  spend the morning meditating, writing and reading.  After that, I check my email and maybe spend a couple hours working on a few key projects. In my free time, I get to help others pursue their dreams, while intermittently tending to various chores and hobbies at home or wherever we may be.  Then when I’m not working with clients, I spend my time hanging out with my hubby, riding through the mountains, visiting markets and eating…lots of eating :).

But, It wasn’t always this way.  Several years ago, our lives used to be filled with busy-ness.  Work would start and it would feel like there was no end.  

Change began with small adjustments, saying yes to more of the things we wanted to do — no to the things we didn’t.  Finding a team, instead of doing everything ourselves, learning, growing and making mistakes (a lot of those too).  We experimented, made tweaks and changes until we found what worked.

Now for the past several years, we haven’t seen winter.  We even managed to miss one of the worst ones in 30 years while snowbirding in Thailand.  And our plan now is to chase summer as long as we can.

I know a lot of people that consider me fortunate, even lucky.  And I get it because years ago, sometimes I looked at other people who had lifestyles similar to mine and thought the same thing too. But I realize now, that the way they live their lives had very little if anything to do with luck and everything to do with the changes and choices they made.  

And I know, maybe sometimes it may feel like change seems hard.  But, if you’re unhappy or dissatisfied now, doing the same thing for the next 10 years, won’t bring you any closer to happiness. So, why continue?  Why would you keep traveling down the same road that leads to your continued unhappiness? Change may feel hard, but I guarantee you, regret IS harder.

Don’t be afraid of change.  

Be afraid of not changing.

Be afraid of the mundane.  

Be afraid of a false sense of security.  

Be afraid of deferring happiness until tomorrow.  

Be afraid of status quos and comfort zones that lull you into states of stagnancy.  

Be afraid of the middle ground and avoiding the high road.  

Be afraid of well-traveled roads that lead you into decades of ‘sameness’.  

Those are the things that quash your potential and hinder your happiness… now AND in the future. NOT change, if anything change is your way to happiness.  

It’s UNchanging that leaves things the same.
Of that be afraid… be very afraid!

Photo: An adorable little girl we saw drawing at a winter festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand




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