Meet Sherice

What do you want to do—but it seems too scary?

There are little inklings of hope in all of us. They follow us. They pop up every so often. Over years, the same little hopefuls reappear. They recur. On sunny mornings, we find ourselves thinking, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could finally …?”
But the minute we start to dream that big, fear’s danger alert kicks in. It starts to tell us about all the bad that could happen … if … we … did … that … thing.
If we …followed … that … dream.
You think: I’d love to start my own business.
You start to imagine what that would look like. The clients you’d have. The freedom you’d feel. The home office you’d decorate. Yes, the one with the big windows and the doggie bed.
And then, as you daydream, fear’s voice softly warns you…
What about money? Security? You could be broke. And what about health insurance?
When you venture further down this path towards your dream, fear’s voice gets louder. Fear warns you of new, scarier things.
You’ll be a failure. You’ll lose the house, end up homeless. Your family will leave you. You’ll die alone.
Fear is pretty darn powerful. And usually, we listen. We STOP doing what we were doing. We stop dreaming that dream (until it pops up again next week, month or year).
When it does, we’ll think: Why is this dream torturing me?
But what if we’re supposed to listen to fear—in another way?
What if we’re supposed to use it as an indicator? To our advantage? To uncover our dreams?

I believe that fear is not the enemy, but an indicator…

I’ve been there. I’ve experienced the resistance. And I know what’s possible on the other side. By seeing what using fear as an indicator has made possible in my own life, it has inspired me to help others experience the same.
How did I get here? I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life. My husband and I own a design firm and a business workflow consulting firm. I always loved so much about my work—especially helping others shape their businesses around who they are. Things were just peachy.
As good as life was, it wasn’t really reflective of my dreams. I was simply doing things I was good at because it was safe. Suddenly it hit me. Safety wasn’t guarding me, it was suffocating me.
As if something inside me exploded, I gained a new outlook. I started using fear as an indicator instead of a strangler. I wrote The Elephant’s Little Secret, I launched, and I began helping others shape their lives around their dreams, in real, actionable ways.

Maybe you help everyone else, but you can’t help yourself.

Sometimes, you might know what’s stopping you from pursuing your dreams. But you can’t do anything about it. You might know what the right thing to believe is—and you can probably give great advice to others—but when you try to embrace it yourself, there’s a disconnect. As much as you try to reprogram your thinking …you’re trapped … right under an elephant-sized butt. Let me help you get un-stuck.

Need some coaxing?

I’ll help you use fear to your advantage.
Together we’ll follow your fear. With our flashlights and tools, we’ll see where it leads you. We’ll shine our lights on it.
I believe fear is there for a reason.
Occasionally, the reason is to protect us from dying. But most of the time, it’s to hinder us from living.


Resistance can be the best indicator of what we need to do.

Once we’ve uncovered your true goals and dreams, we’ll come up with a plan to 
make them happen. A no-nonsense, structured, actionable plan. And I’ll guide you through it—helping you to move forward.
I’ll coax you.
We’ll acknowledge  fear, and respect it—but we won’t let it sit on us.

What do you want to do—but it seems too scary?

Tell me during a free consult. I’d love to explore with you…
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