Ahh… Change & Fear…there’s a lot to think about if you just try to unpack one of those words.

Put them together and we generally find that people either get inspired by the idea or a little terrified because whichever way you slice it – it sounds like comfort zones are about to get blown wide open.

We prefer to think of it a little less dramatically…

It’s more about the stories you’re currently believing in and the fears that go along with them.  

Stories like:

  • I’m not good enough
  • Real security can only be found in having a job with benefits.
  • You can’t start a business or travel unless you have A LOT of money.
  • Pursuing your dreams means you’re destined to be broke, a laughing stock or homeless.

These stories when believed in and adhered to can prevent us from pursuing our dreams and the life we really want. But, instead of challenging them, we often conform into whatever the world expects, our peers relate to or our parents proclaim- but that’s not living.

And I mean ‘truly living’.

It’s NOT about your abilities, your circumstances or your financial/social status.

And the truth is, the road to your personal version of freedom doesn’t have to be hard or feel extremely risky either.  

It doesn’t have to require a willingness to leave it all or even take terrifying leaps.  

It can be…IF that’s how YOU want it to be.  But don’t let that scare you into believing that what you want is out of reach or impossible.

Whatever your goal or dream, there’s more than one way to go after it.

And our job is to help you rid yourself of the harmful effect of these stories so you can shift your mindset and lower your own proverbial bar to a level low enough that would make you feel silly not to try to jump it.

Are you ready?


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