You may be wondering…


What exactly does an elephant have to do with changing fear anyways?


Well…that’s a good question!
If you’re familiar with the Heath Brothers’ book, The Switch, or the Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt, then you’re no stranger to the concept.  Basically in both books, the authors discuss how essentially, we each have an elephant (our emotional side) and a rider (our logical side).  The rider, obviously being smaller, generally has a difficult time controlling our larger emotional elephant.
Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed this struggle regularly firsthand. (Sometimes I wonder if I have my own personal elephant herd!:))

I’m sure you have too…and it sucks!

The rider, already having issues of its own, is generally no match for the elephant.  Now mind you, it’s not like I haven’t experienced any joy with my elephant. There’s been a lot of it. It’s just that he has this knack of focusing on what my friend D likes to call, ‘the teeny tiiiiiiny flaws’ – and he’s got an amazing memory for those. He’s got a memory like… well an elephant! He’s been the source of pain -much pain, fear – and even more fear…of the debilitating kind.  The type that halts you in your tracks, has you clutching your chest and gasping for breath.

Do you know this fear?

It’s also the kind of fear that stops us from pursuing our life dreams, keeps us at unfulfilling 9 to 5 jobs chained to a desk, prevents us from traveling the world. It stops us from being unconventional and really living!
Instead we conform into whatever the world expects, our peers relate to or our parents proclaim- but that’s not living. I mean truly living.

Is this really the life we intended?

And if it’s not.  WHY NOT? Heck…forget why not, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?
I’ve asked myself that several times. That’s what we need to do when limiting beliefs step up to the plate.  We need to question their existence for a change because too many times, we’ve allowed them to question us.

So what is change{fear}?

It’s a place to question, a place of introspection.  A place where fears get interrogated for a change :).
Fear without truth has a habit of isolating us, limiting us, badgering us and convicting us…now explore just how much we can do -once truth has exposed fear’s true intentions.

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