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Why waiting for retirement shouldn’t be your only option



Why waiting for retirement shouldn’t be your only option


A funny thing happened the other day. I was reading a book, actually a sample of a book (one of the many benefits of buying books through Amazon, you can take a book on a test drive from the comforts of your own home before spending a dime). Anyways, the book was about retiring to Asia and the author who was sharing his personal story and lauding the benefits of his lifestyle said these words“You’ve reached the end of your working life and it’s time to retire.”  


I was like, ‘Um…what?!’  Ok sure, what he’s saying isn’t a fallacy or anything, the average person does wait until the end of their working life to retire since it’s a standard norm.  But why? Maybe a better question would be, ‘Why would we want to wait until our ‘golden years’ to start really enjoying our lives?’ Why wait until our bodies aren’t functioning as well as they used to?  Or wait until the time where we commonly might feel less energetic or adventurous? Sorry to step on some seniors’ toes, but you know it’s true, right?  Sure, maybe this might not be the case for everyone, but it is for many.  And, given the fact that nothing – even tomorrow –  is promised to us, why wouldn’t you want to make the most of your experiences today? I know. It’s not the norm – right?   But forget the norm. This is your life we’re talking about here.  What is your heart saying?

After asking myself these same questions, this is the conclusion I came to:  I didn’t want to spend what was possibly the best days of my life preparing for a tomorrow that may never exist or happen the way I expected it to.  I watched my mother, at 60, suddenly age what appeared to be 20 years in the span of fewer than 6 months –   SIX MONTHS!  And it wasn’t from the onset of a debilitating disease, it was due to a strange occurrence in something that happens to millions of women every year menopause. The extremeness of her condition was quite rare, but not as rare as one might think.  And many women go through severe, life-changing experiences due to menopause and several other conditions all the time.  Thankfully today, she’s doing much better and at times looks even younger than she did before this all happened. But, she’s definitely a different woman – grateful for life but her body isn’t quite what it used to be and some days can’t keep up with her sense of adventure.


That was a bit of a wake-up call for me.  I was already interested in simplifying my life, minimizing stress and demands so I could optimize enjoyment.  We had relocated to a small city where the cost of living was low and we had easy access to the border for traveling.  We got rid of our SUV and used our bicycles as our main mode of transportation to help foster a healthier lifestyle. We even built a virtual team of employees and niched our services down so we could maximize our time.  Life was good, very good, but I still wondered whether there could be more…  There’s something about having life suddenly snatched away from you or watching the same happen to someone close to you, that helps you really prioritize your values.  Up until this point, we were fortunate enough to know what those were and take steady strides towards building a life that embraced them. However, my mom’s experience was a life lesson that pushed me into full throttle.  


Was retirement really worth waiting for if it could look like this?


This is what inspired us to fast track our ‘semi-retired lifestyle’ If you’re interested in doing the same, exploring your options or have questions, feel free to email us.  Every 2nd Friday of the month we’ll be discussing how to Fast Track your freedom or if you really want to put things in motion, check out our Freedom Fast Track package.

Taj Mahal

June 6, 2016


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