What if your fear listened to you for a change?

Get in charge of your fear - and of your future. Change fear, explore its hold on you, question,
overcome and reposition it, so you can live the life you want to live...
Don’t fear change, change fear
Ready to get rid of your elephant-sized ‘buts’? Literally feeling flattened by your fears? It’s time for a change!
Flip the switch on your thinking
Tinker with behaviours, increase mental muscles and grow your mindset without wearing yourself out.
Creating a change-friendly environment
Design environments that make change possible and makes bad habits less probable.

Every rider deserves a good guide!

If you’re ready to change your fear, these trailblazers will light your path and ignite your fear-fighting flame.

Recent Posts

Anxiety as a Service

Anxiety as a ServiceWhen you think about anxiety, what comes to mind?  Something negative – right?  It’s that thing that interrupts your life and makes things more tense and difficult – maybe even paralysing. Years ago, I used to wake up every morning with this sensation I like to call “impending doom”. It was like an […]

I Once Peed My Pants, Because I Was Too Afraid…

Now that’s a fear worth changing!   It all started on the first day of kindergarten when my teacher decided to do what teachers do — she had us all sit in a circle in the middle of the room.  I can’t quite recall what the point of this game was, probably some ice breaker type exercise […]

Why Are You Afraid of Change?

 What if I told you 10 years from now your life would be exactly the same?  Doubt you’d be happy – why are you afraid of change? Karen Salmansohn I live a relatively stress-free life.  Most days, I wake up at the hour of my choosing and then I  spend the morning meditating, writing and reading. […]

The Magic Secret to Gaining Confidence

 You want it, we all do — that magic secret to slay our fears and go after the things we see others doing, but don’t have the confidence to do.  Well, guess what? I’ve found it and I’m going to share it with you right now…  Wait for it…  Go do those things you want […]

The I beyond the i….

Managing emotions is a full time job.  I have to be on call as my own encourager, my own best friend, my own life coach, just so when my inner critic shows up, I’m not blind-sided. When I see the idle thoughts and nagging doubts floating around in my mind or staring back at me […]
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